When treatment was far away RMHC kept us cl thanks Ronald McDonald House!

RMHC Welcomed Us into a Big, Loving Family

At just three days old, my son Kaeden needed brain surgery. While he spent the next three weeks in the hospital, I was at his bedside as much as possible. I was struggling to understand all of the medical challenges facing Kaeden and the difficult road ahead of us. I felt completely overwhelmed. Thankfully, I was staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Columbia, SC. The staff and volunteers there did everything they could to take pressure off of me and I was so grateful. That was my introduction to RMHC. It was such a blessing to have a safe and comfortable place to rest and begin to cope.

Five years later, Kaeden has endured more than 30 surgeries and procedures to treat his many conditions. Kaeden now sees specialists at Shriners and Greenville Memorial Hospital, over four-and-a-half hours from our home in Aiken, SC. We recently stayed at RMHC of the Carolinas in Greenville, and from the moment we arrived, we felt welcomed into a big, loving family. We were greeted at the door by a volunteer who helped with Kaeden’s wheelchair and seated us in the living room. He brought Kaeden a toy and offered me a cold drink while the receptionist checked us in. Throughout our stay, there was always someone there offering us love and support.

The Ronald McDonald House is such a special place for our family. It eases my worries about where we will stay during Kaeden’s treatments. He has two more surgeries scheduled for this year, and knowing that we will be at the House really puts my mind at ease. I feel like as long as I can be close to Kaeden and his brother, Kendahl, everything will be ok. RMHC gives me a great sense of security; I know we will always find love and support at the House. I will always be so grateful to RMHC – and you, their generous supporters – for making this level of care a reality for families like mine.

With love and gratitude,

Carol Brockington