Meet our Guest Families

The Parham Family
(RMHC of Greater Delaware)

When Raymond Parham was just 15 years old, he was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma in his leg. After multiple surgeries and finally being in remission, not even a year later Raymond learned that his cancer came back- and this time, it spread to both of his lungs. Raymond was diagnosed with bilateral metastatic lung cancer. Raymond’s mom, Barbara, called the House “home” while he received chemotherapy. “Having the time at the RMH allowed me to get the proper amount of rest that I needed so that I could be there for my husband and son.” After four months of exhaustive treatment, Raymond is in remission! “Our hope is that the cancer stays in remission…and we wait for the day that Raymond is CANCER-FREE!”

The Sutherland Family
(RMHC Philly)

Sasha Sutherland, from Barbados, was overjoyed when she learned she would be having twins. However, during a routine check-up, the doctors diagnosed her with severe preeclampsia and signs of twin to twin transfusion, which could cause serious health risks for her and the babies. Sasha and her husband, Keron, got on a plane and headed to Philadelphia for a critical surgery, which could not be performed in Barbados. Sasha had to deliver her two babies at just 23 weeks. She delivered two baby girls, Kaïya Faith and Kalia Grace. Unfortunately, Kaïya passed away. Kalia spent the next 6 months in the NICU while Sasha stayed at the Ronald McDonald House on Chestnut Street. “I am grateful that Kalia is alive and she will carry on her sister’s memory. And I am grateful to be in a space that I can only describe as an oasis. The smiling faces of the staff and volunteers that just say ‘We’re here for you’ even if your family is not here at this point in time. We are just eternally grateful for that.”

The Raudales Family
(RMH Southern New Jersey)

Elisabet’s family has called Ronald McDonald House home periodically since her birth revealed extensive orthopedic complications. Elisabet has endured 32 fractures in her nine short years. She smiles through it all and inspires everyone who meets her, even gracing them with a song if they are so lucky. When asked about Ronald McDonald House, Elisabet says, “This House helps people and gives them somewhere happy to be.” Elisabet and her mother Fanny travel far from home to make sure she receives the best care they can find. Fanny says, “Being in this house has been a dream. Our resources are few and this place provides us with everything we need and makes us feel secure, safe, and like we are with family.”