Telethon Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship Levels:

  • $30,000+ – Lead Sponsors
  • $25,000 – Presenting Sponsors
  • $15,000 – Platinum Partners
  • $10,000 – Golden Givers
  • $5,000 – Silver Supporters

Benefits Before the Telethon:

  • 30-second promotional videos containing sponsorship logos ($15,000 and above) will air on CBS3 and CW Philly (Lead Sponsors will receive 50, Presenting Sponsors will receive 25, Platinum Sponsors will receive 15.)
  • Logos of Lead sponsors will be featured in 15 x 15 second public service announcements to air throughout July and August on CBS3.
  • Lead and Presenting sponsor logos will appear on billboards in Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware for two weeks in November leading up to the Telethon (over 950,000 weekly impressions total).
  • Lead and Presenting sponsor logos will appear on all promo materials for the Telethon, including a mailed postcard and email blast to RMHC Philadelphia network.
  • Lead, Presenting, and Platinum sponsor logos will appear on homepage takeover of and beginning two weeks before the Telethon and continuing for two weeks after the Telethon.
  • Logos of Lead, Presenting, and Platinum sponsors will appear on SEPTA rail cards from October 9 through December 31 (Logos must be received by September 16).

Benefits During the Telethon:

  • On-air billboards will run with sponsor logos ($15,000 and above) on CBS3 and CWPhilly (Lead and Presenting sponsors will receive 25, Platinum sponsors will receive 10, Golden Giver sponsors will receive 5.)
  • Set signage will include logos on Lead, Presenting, and Platinum sponsors (if the Telethon is in person at CBS3 studios).
  • Sponsors at $10,000 and above will have the opportunity to present a check live on air. (Appearances will be scheduled based on the date of commitment.)
  • The names of sponsors at all levels will be included in a scroll on-screen during the event.
  • All sponsors will have the opportunity to give away an incentive item (if the Telethon happens in person in CBS3 studios).
  • Three members from companies at all sponsorship levels will have the opportunity to volunteer during the Telethon for a one-hour shift.
  • All sponsors will have a photo opportunity with CBS talent.

Benefits After the Telethon:

  • Sponsors at $15,000 and above will have their logos included in 15-second thank you ads airing on CBS3. (Lead and Presenting sponsors will be included in 20 ads; Platinum Partners will receive 10.)
  • Thank you letters that are sent to all Telethon donors will include logos from sponsors at $15,000 and above.
  • Logos of all sponsors will be printed on McDonald’s trayliners that will be used throughout store in the Philadelphia Region, totaling 500,000 trays.